MUMBAI Blasts 13/7..Is it just another blast?

The Mumbai  blasts are agrim reminder of the looming crisis we might face in the future.This is because humna life has become so cheap that one blast and people and our so called politicians take it so lightly .I would not shy away from saying that these blasts have now become a part of our lives.It’s like day by day we are getting immune to these blasts.& we have startedt treating them as a natural calamity .It’s like we can’t do anything to prevent this .If it’s happening let it happen -That has become our attitude.
We always go on saying “SPIRIT OF MUMBAI’-its alive and no one can deter them & life will go on.
Absolutely life will go on , because people have to earn their bread and butter , they can’t sit at home for the reason ‘What if another blast happens”.
We talk about being a “SUPERPOWER”, but come to think of it we don’t even have our systems in place.
People are saying only 9/11 happened , nothing happened after that & politiccians reply back “That is a different country “.
No its not When we can compare ourselves with them in a wide array of parameters , then why not  this?
We boast of our ever growing GDP , our thriving economy  , but nothing in the name of security .Why can’t the government to something to rectify this?
We pay taxes to the government , what is it giving back in return to us(these blasts).Why isn’t anything being done about the security of its citizens.
Sonia Gandhi & MAnmohan Singh come to Mumbai , the press covers & we see a top security cover around them ,had this security been at that time ,s o many blasts could have been prevented.
It’s high time we started investing in our security.
9/11 hasn’t happened again because they shot the perpetrator of death “OSAMA” iin his own country.
What are we doing with AJmal AMir KAsab , feeding him here in India.
I can bet on the fact he’s living a far better life in jail as a convict than from his previous terrorist days.
Our law need amendment .
The whole world has seen him goin on a shooting spree at CST in MUMbai , then what is our country waiting for(For another Kandahar incident).

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